PRAXIS - Centre of Philosophy, Politics and Culture is a research unit of the University of Beira Interior and the University of Évora supported by the Foundation For Science and Technology (FCT), an institution of the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

The main purpose of PRAXIS is to develop research programs in the field of practical philosophy, that is, above all, in ethics, political philosophy and culture philosophy. The Centre pays particular attention to the study of works by philosophers of the phenomenological movement, without neglecting the works of important philosophers of all tendencies, specially from the areas of the philosophy of action, ethics, political philosophy and social philosophy.

PRAXIS – Centre of Philosophy, Politics and Culture comes in the wake of a research unit set up in 2003, active until 2014, named Instituto de Filosofia Prática (Practical Philosophy Institute – IFP) and of the Practical Philosophy Group – GFP, an autonomous research group of the Labcom.IFP unit, active from 2015-2017. IFP was set up in 2003 with few researchers, expanding to a total of 15 PhD integrated researchers in 2012-2014. The unit carried out research in the fields of ethics, political philosophy and contemporary philosophy, particularly phenomenology, and received a classification of “very good” in two FCT evaluations in 2003 and 2007.

Currently, PRAXIS accounts for a total of 26 integrated researchers, divided between the University of Beira Interior and the University of Évora. The Centre is linked to two separate doctoral programs in the aforementioned universities, with a total of 25 doctoral students participating the centre’s activities


Research Areas and Projects

PRAXIS’ main research areas are phenomenology, philosophy of action, ethics and political philosophy. In the area of phenomenology, besides the study of works by relevant philosophers of this philosophical movement, the researchers dedicate special attention to the theme of intersubjectivity, namely in the perspective of the application of this phenomenological theory in ethics and political philosophy. More recently, an interdisciplinary project has begun to be developed which aims to apply several intersubjectivity theories to the field of psychotherapy.

 In the area of ethics, research is focused on the foundation of morals, carried out from several different philosophical perspectives (naturalism, deontology, virtue ethics, existential phenomenology). Concerning action theory, work is being developed which bears in mind both classical authors (Aristotle), and modern (Arendt, Davidson, Ricoeur). There is a project under development about practical rationality and motives for action. In the area of political philosophy, research focuses on the categories of the political and power, as well as on questions about rationality, motivation, and legitimacy of political action.



In regards to infrastructures supporting research, PRAXIS has its own working space (offices and seminary room) in the University of Beira Interior, where it also offers a specialized library in the areas of phenomenology, ethics, political philosophy, social philosophy and political science. Likewise, PRAXIS occupies its own space in the University of Évora, where some of its researchers hold teaching positions.

PRAXIS also provides access to an on-line librarywww.lusosofia.net – which offers to internet users access to classical texts in philosophy translated into Portuguese, as well as master's and doctoral dissertations, and philosophical articles by Portuguese researchers - including some by PRAXIS' own researchers.


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